I Dream Of Whales

whale dream

I’ve never thought of my dream life as being any less real or important than my waking life. I’ve had epic 10 year relationships in my dreams. I’ve had children in my dreams. I can fly, move things with my mind, change my reality with just a thought, breathe underwater, communicate with animals, defeat my enemies by throwing sacred geometry at them until they become two dimensional and I can fold them up like paper. My dreams help me tap into the zeitgeist, the shared consciousness of this world. I’ve dreamt about my friends babies before they were born. I dreamt about the events of 9/11 before they happened. I’ve visited places in my dreams which I then find myself visiting in waking life and realizing “I’ve been here before.” Most of the time they are fairly mundane places which is amusing for me… but I consider that feeling to be a signal that I’m on the right path and that I’m doing a good job of following the path that my unconscious & subconscious mind is trying to guide me down.

I do a great deal of personal introspection and cognitive behavioral therapy using my own dreams, and often I incorporate dream work into my healing sessions with clients. There is really no better way to access the fascinating nature of the mind/body connection than in dreams where we are able to experience situations that are far beyond the limits of where our bodies can take us.  It’s amazing what happens when the body is asked to just stop sending us signals regarding external stimulus and we are left with only our memories and imagination to guide us.

Because dream interpretation is a very personal thing, I don’t really believe that we are offered much from books or sites on the subject. When I dream of whales it is because I am sad and want the comfort of their silence and depth, but when you dream of whales it will likely mean something different to you. However, there are a few dream themes and symbols that are common to most humans everywhere, flying, teeth falling out, being in an out of control vehicle. I wonder if these dreams were present in the collective consciousness for the majority of humanity (maybe the out of control vehicle used to be an out of control horse or chariot). I wonder what purpose they served to us then and serve now other than to process anxiety and feeling a lack of control?

I heard of a research study that suggested humans developed that sudden lurch that happens sometimes just as you’re falling asleep from our days as tree dwelling primates. It would have made sense for us to have a system in place that gives us one more shot at checking out our surroundings and making sure we’re safe before sleeping. I wonder what sort of evolutionary trait causes the teeth crumbling dreams that nearly everyone has when they are overly anxious. My theory, is that it has to do with our cultural belief that visibly healthy teeth equate with wealth, status, and overall health, and visibly unhealthy teeth equate with poverty. Perhaps we dream of our teeth falling out when we fear that our cultural status or health may be at risk. 

What are you dreaming about lately?

If you have a dream that is a particular mystery to you, consider signing up for one of my guide sessions and we can talk it through and see what your deep and beautiful mind is trying to show you. 

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