Personal Development Coaching

Are you yearning for greater meaning and a deeper sense of purpose in your life? Feeling stuck and in need of change but not sure where or how to begin?

How do you want to feel most days? I have several desired feelings. A sense of personal freedom is one. Another is the sense that I’m leading a meaningful existence. I have seen how powerful it is to direct my life in such a way to cultivate these feelings, and I want to help other people do it too. I want you to be a more active participant in your life’s story; to really experience your life, not just live it. I want to help you live in the now and make that now feel really good and aligned with purpose.

My approach is a combination of active coaching and goal accountability, personalized mindfulness practice development, and ritualized self-care. I offer both one-off sessions and scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly sessions. $100/hr (insurance not accepted)

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What is coaching?

Coaching is for people who are in need of help making changes. It’s appropriate for those who have specific goals, or need help creating those goals to achieve meaningful results. It should feel motivating, and provide guidance and accountability.

Although coaching can have many mental health benefits, coaching is NOT mental health counseling and should NOT be used as a substitute for clinical mental health help. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please dial 911.

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What to expect.

I start out coaching by doing a lot of listening. I want to hear about your goals, what’s blocking you from creating or achieving those goals, what you want to add or remove from your life, how you’re feeling stuck, or where you need extra support or help. If it feels helpful, I can send you a short questionnaire to guide you in investigating those questions before our first session.

After that our sessions can include: accountability check-ins, affirmation creation, mindfulness practice development, supportive listening, resource guidance, self-care guidance, and more.

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What I’m really good at.

I have over 20 years of personal development experience that I am ready to put to work. While empathy allows me to be of service regardless of shared experiences, here are some areas where my specific experience can be of help:

  • Recognizing where people are stuck and how to get unstuck
  • Teaching mindfulness in a non-dogmatic way
  • How to develop a mindfulness practice that is practical and fits into your daily life
  • Practical spirituality
  • How to add deeper meaning to your life without traditional spirituality
  • How to develop personal rituals, self-care, morning and night routines, family rituals, etc. to make your life feel more sacred and purposeful.
  • How to use rituals as a way to add structure and meaning to your life
  • How to identify and recapture pieces of yourself that you are missing
  • How to reclaim your personal freedom
  • How to take risks in a low-risk way
  • How to cultivate and thrive in alternative working styles
  • How to community build and network authentically
  • How curiosity can lead to opportunity
  • How to be your own best teacher and healer

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