Healthcare Doula Support

Through working as a birth doula, I have come to see how having a support person present for challenging healthcare related procedures can positively change the experience and outcomes for my clients. Witnessing this has inspired me to expand my doula practice to include support beyond pre-natal and birth support. Not everyone has a trustworthy someone in their life who is able or willing to offer emotional and physical support before, during or after procedures like tests, biopsies, screenings, surgeries or treatments.

I offer my in-person support with:

  • procedures such as tests, blood draws, biopsies, screenings, birth control & abortion, fertility treatments, surgeries, cancer treatments, etc
  • getting you to and from procedures involving sedation
  • receiving test results
  • post surgical/procedure care at home (non-medical comfort care only)

I am LGBTQ+ friendly, my pronouns are she/her/hers and I try my best to use gender neutral language.

Services available on a sliding scale based on income from $25/hr to $100/hr.

Healthcare Doula Interview:

Hiring me as your healthcare doula begins with reaching out to schedule a free-of-charge, in-person interview. The interview is usually under an hour. Think of it as sort of a platonic date with someone to feel out whether you want them with you as you journey down an intense emotional and physical path. I promise to be my absolute authentic self, and I ask you to do the same so we can make sure our energies mesh well. If they don’t, I won’t be offended, it’s more important that you find a person with whom you can feel safe and build trust. If you have any questions about the above, please reach out via email.