Birth Doula Support

If you want to know more about birth doulas and why you should hire one, Read This.

I am a trained birth doula and a member of DONA International. I have studied with Lorenza Holt of Spinning Babies, and Tara Campbell of Birthing Gently.

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With my dear friend Meaghan’s baby, Quincy Merlin, whose birth I attended.

Birth support work aligns so well with my core belief that supporting the members of your community is vital to the health of that community. Birth can be complex, intense and, in our culture, comes with a lot of fear. Wading through the vast ocean of information is exhausting. The health care system can be difficult to navigate and finding your voice inside (and out) of the delivery room can be a challenge. People shouldn’t have to birth without support unless they want to and I offer you my support free of judgement, no matter what your birth plan is. I have attended unmedicated, low intervention births, and I have attended high-risk, high-intervention births. Nothing about the birthing process is upsetting to me. I will do my very best to make you feel safe, comfortable and supported in any and all scenarios.

I am LGBTQ+ friendly, my pronouns are she/her/hers and I try my best to use gender neutral language.

I abide by the DONA International Birth Doula Code of Ethics.  To file an ethics claim, click here.

I am insured by CM&F Group Inc. Customer ID: 819113  Policy Number: K32291

Birth Doula Interview:

Hiring me as your birth doula begins with reaching out to schedule a free-of-charge, in-person interview. The interview is usually under an hour. Think of it as sort of a platonic date with someone to feel out whether you want them with you as you journey down an intense emotional and physical path. I promise to be my absolute authentic self, and I ask you to do the same so we can make sure our energies mesh well. If they don’t, I won’t be offended, it’s more important that you find a person with whom you can feel safe and build trust.

Birth Doula Support Package $1500

Hiring me as your birth doula includes the following:

  • Two 90min Prenatal Home Visits
  • Assistance With Forming a Birth Plan (What’s a birth plan?)
  • Educational Materials & Referrals
  • 24/7 Phone/Text/Email Support (from date of hire to postpartum home visit)
  • In-Person Active Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Support
  • In-Person Partner Support (for those who are partnered)
  • A Postpartum Home Visit once you’re home and settled in

If you have any questions about the above, please read my FAQ or reach out via email.

Bodywork Add-Ons:

When you hire me as your birth doula, you have the option of adding a package of massages at a discount from the usual cost. Save 10% on a package of 5, or 15% on a package of 10 as part of your Birth Doula Support Package. Parents are welcome to bring their infant with them for postpartum massage sessions.

  • Five 60min Prenatal or Postpartum Massages $382.50
  • Five 90min Prenatal or Postpartum Massages $540.00
  • Ten 60min Prenatal or Postpartum Massages $722.50
  • Ten 90min Prenatal or Postpartum Massages $1020.00