I am fortunate enough to work with a broad range of clients including: scholars, bike couriers, writers, perfumers, fellow bodyworkers, office professionals, restaurant servers, startup CEOs, plumbers, electricians, developers, yoga instructors, storytellers, actors, musicians, chefs, painters, parents, retirees, wanderers, etc.

Thankfully, they like to say wonderful things about my work. Some of which you can read on Yelp, or right here:

S. Kelly, writer:

“I was in an auto accident seven years ago and the double impact left me with persistent upper body pain and trauma. Emily was able to work me through the problem and relieve my condition. Six months of hard work later, I could sit at a computer or work in the yard again without aches or pain. Emily works wonders.”

B. Hayes, Cycle Courier:

“I didn’t even realize I was missing any range of motion in my right arm. The idea that someone else knows more about body movement and what needs attention wasn’t really on my mind when I went in for a massage. I just knew it would be relaxing and feel good. That part is true, but I also left with a better performing body. That can’t have a price tag.”

A. Holtgraver, Designer:

“Her 5-star review is no accident. Emily listens to the type of work you want, and listens to your body – she has a physical intuition that is extremely rare.

I went in just hoping for some basic deskwork tension release in my back and shoulder.  I’m a programmer and get a “tune-up” massage every 6-12 months or so.  I’ve lived in Boston for 9 years and have tried 9 different masseuses – I’ve had bad massages, and I’ve had pretty good ones, but I haven’t had one that was like, oh man, I need to repeat that. But… I think I finally found my masseuse guys.

She gave me the best massage I’ve had in YEARS.  Why would going deep in a particular area of my shoulder cause my left foot to tingle?  Why is the slight lower back pain I’ve had for months now gone after she fixed a weird alignment thing in my right hip I didn’t even realize was there, but that she felt?  Why is it 3 days later and I still have that buttery calm post-massage feeling (I showered, I promise, so it’s not that!)?

She uses yummy smelling natural stuff like coconut oil and shea butter with essential oils – no mystery chemical smells while the massage is going on. Her space in Arlington is relaxed and clean and homey. I’ve mostly gone to more spa-like environments for massages and wasn’t sure what this would be like, but I can say the coziness and warm lighting was preferable!

All that said, she could move her practice to the #1 bus stop in Central Square and I’d probably still go see her.  That’s how good she is.  She is a truly special talent in this field and I’ll be going back as often as my wallet allows it :)”

B. North, pie connoisseur:

“Everybody needs an Emily.”

Richard Risbridger, voice actor, storyteller, yoga teacher:
“I’ve received countless massages all over the world and I can honestly say that Emily Taylor is among the very best massage therapists I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. 

My most extraordinary story of goes all the way back to 2005. I had a severe impact injury to my left shoulder and had the good fortune of being in Boston when it happened. I was able to get a few massages from Emily during the first two weeks after the injury which I greatly credit with the complete recovery that I experienced over the next six months. Using a combination of keen perception, intuition, and a deep knowledge and understanding of anatomy, Emily helped lay the foundation that eventually lead to a full recovery. My immediate post injury range of motion had me barely able to lift my left arm over my waist and now 10 years later it is just as highly functional as the right. And I’m tough on my body. I’ve been a circus aerialist and partner acrobat since that injury and my left shoulder is virtually indistinguishable from my right. I cannot recommend anyone more highly for massage for assistance with recovery from injury.Or perhaps you just want a massage that feels amazing and leaves you with a deep feeling of relaxation and tranquillity. Emily is amazing with that as well. As I mentioned before, she is deeply intuitive and has a wonderful energy. Her massages are always unique and suited to exactly what is going on with you in the present moment.

Her bearing is friendly, professional, and deeply caring. She really loves massage and connecting with and helping people. Whether you are looking to relax, heal an injury, or work with the body as a vehicle for emotional healing you could not find a better massage therapist than Emily Taylor.” 

Jenn Sutkowski, writer and master perfumer:
“Emily is not only a talented and intuitive massage therapist but she is skilled because she has put in the time to work at it. This makes her not only a gifted healer, but someone who has heeded the call and trained to be the best. This is why even great massage therapists say she gives the best massage they’ve ever had. (I’ve talked with them and they’ve told me).
I am not a massage therapist, but I am someone who has had a lot of massages. I’ve had lots of great massages. But Emily’s massages are truly amazing. And I never would have gone to anyone else but Emily moved out of my area for awhile.
Because she has the gift of intuition, she knows where to go to work out what needs to be worked out and she knows exactly the right pressure to apply. You can feel it releasing. It’s fantastic and serious relief. So not only are you getting healed, you’re truly getting your money’s worth. In fact, it’s really hard to put a price on this level of skill.
Emily is the only massage therapist I’ve been to where I’ve had an emotional release on the table. I ALWAYS leave feeling so much better. Emily really creates a safe space for you to get what you need while you’re there. It’s a sacred space — but if what you need that day is to have a laugh and a chat while you’re on the table, she’ll be right there with you, too!
I’ve also never had another massage therapist take such care of my hands. I cannot overstate this. I write a lot longhand and am at the computer quite a bit, too. My hands and wrists have threatened to head into carpal tunnel territory in the past. There was a time when Emily helped my hand so much that I will truly be forever grateful — it just needed a lot of time (I had mosquito bites on my palm that had exacerbated the inflammation). I really don’t know how she did it. I’m spoiled for all other massage therapists for working on my hands! She just can do close muscular work that other people can’t seem to do, or maybe don’t even think to do. I think it’s that combo of talent, intuition, and how much she’s worked at her skills.
I cannot recommend Emily enough. If you’re not going to her, you’re really missing out. Love yourself, see Emily for massage. Simple as that.”