Friends & Partners

I only surround myself with truly amazing people, and you should too!  Here is a delicious sampling of friends I partner up with from time to time and would love to refer you to:


The sublime Jenn Pici Falk, yogini, mother, moon worshiper, circle drawer.

The ethereal Vanessa L. Vlahakis, M.A., RMT, medium, mystic, channeler, holistic counselor, all around force of nature.

Magical massage mama Kym Feltovic, practitioner of Maya Abdominal Massage, earth mother, healer, tie dye artist, and in possession of a spectacular jaguar smile.

The preternatural Harmony Dawn, psychic, medium, spiritual consultant, bodyworker, mega babe, and co-owner of Booze Epoque, who reads tarot at Cuchi Cuchi on Tuesdays.


The ambrosial Jennifer Sutkowski, master perfumer at Perfume to the People, purveyor of intoxicating anointments and custom blended natural fragrances. Oh la la!

The magnificent Meaghan Sinclair, restaurant consultant, co-owner of fine cocktail caterers Booze Epoque, and YA author

The luminous Angela Gaimari, copywriter & voice development artist, and a fantastic DJ!


The impossibly prolific Heather Joy Morgan, fine art painter, Sparklehead creator, witty retort maker, short of stature, tall on talent.

My incredible tattoo artist, Josh Wallis who adorns me in spirit and material.

Rich Risbridger, storyteller, voice artist, designer, trickster, spider, tiger, dragon

The marvelous Christine Navin, photographer to the stars

Illustrator, painter, shoe designer, and collector of toy robots and mid century furniture, Joshua Fraser

The incomparable Levni Yilmaz, illustrator, curmudgeon, romantic

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