Therapeutic Massage        60min: $120  |  90min: $180  

My treatments vary by person, and are customized to each person’s body and needs on that day. I will talk with you briefly about your current body and we’ll discuss our focus areas given the time we have available. There will be moments of soothing but firm massage, moments of focused deep pressure, and moments of cradling and manipulation of joints. We will work with your breath to get through the challenging moments. We may discuss how your stress level or emotional state could be impacting your body. After our session I will often give you tips on how to maintain the work we’ve done with stretches and posture improvements.

Packages of 5 or 10 massages are available for purchase in my office at a discount. Save 10% on a package of 5, or 15% on a package of 10.

To book an appointment please email me at or call or text me: 781-964-1983

I use hand blended fine oils and butters with essential oils added to enrich your experience. Please inform me of any allergies prior to your treatment.

Specialized Modalities:

Injury Recovery     60min: $120  |  90min: $180  

This treatment is for people who have a new or old injury that requires specific attention. I will ask you to share anything you know about the injury, any treatments you have tried or are currently using, and we will work into the area and any other areas that are related. Sometimes this work can be covered by insurance via reimbursement if your injury occurred in an auto accident or a work injury.

Pre-natal Bodywork  60min: $120  |  90min: $180  

Pregnancy comes with a lot of physical and emotional changes. Let me help support you through these changes with techniques designed to treat the aches and pains that often come along with carrying a baby. I’m trained to safely guide you through each trimester, and even work specific acupressure points that help to hasten labor if your baby is overdue.

Lomi Lomi  60min: $130  |  90min: $190 

A Hawaiian form of massage, Lomi Lomi is a loving gift of bodywork and aloha for people in need of deep healing and support. This technique has a flow like dance or ocean waves, and is performed with lots of coconut oil. The client lays directly on a vinyl cover on the table and they are draped with a sarong. Receiving Lomi Lomi often feels like you are returned to a childlike state of being held, supported, and loved by a deep maternal energy. I only offer this treatment to clients with whom I have developed trust, so if you’re interested, please book a basic treatment with me first and we can discuss.

Remote Healing  30min $50  |  60min: $100  |  90min: $150  

Sometimes we just need someone to sit with us and hold space for our healing.  I will join you on skype, zoom or facetime, and talk you through a body scan, and gently guide you through soft movement, meditation, or simply hold space for you to breathe and be still in your body.