Guide Sessions

Modern life can be extremely challenging. As much as technology has opened doors for new levels of connection, it can also be extremely isolating. The structure of our lives has the potential to isolate us further, from each other, from purpose, and from our desires & goals. It can be helpful to talk through these challenges with someone who can untangle the circular thinking and layered feelings we struggle with. My work as a guide is not psychotherapy, nor is it life coaching or spiritual counseling. It is about standing inside a problem with an observant advisor, unlocking its mysteries and lessons together, and reconnecting with how you want to feel, where you want to be, what you want more of in your life, and what you want to let go of. This work is inherently emotional in nature, with room for spirituality if that is where you’re at, but it is more about identifying and taking material steps, changing behaviors, and reconnecting with the self.

Times that a guide session can be helpful include:

  • career change
  • relationship changes
  • big moves (new city, new house, etc)
  • a yearning for likeminded community
  • feeling stuck in old patterns that are no longer useful
  • not feeling at home in your own body/self
  • an extended period of sleeplessness and/or bad dreams
  • a desire to find and connect with your purpose
  • the feeling that you’ve exhausted your resources, friendships, etc
  • the feeling of standing outside of your life looking in
  • periods of high anxiety
  • a desire for a more meaningful life

We will work together with your thought patterns and dreams, helping you develop better communication with your subconscious mind. We will develop strategies for opening up space for what you really want, and talk through what is blocking you from it. Sometimes I may give you advice, but more often than not I’m going to help you connect with the person that knows you best. That’s you, by the way!

Guide Sessions are freeform in regards to timing, but often an hour will suffice. I charge on a sliding scale based on your yearly income.