Meet Me At The Mountain

It isn’t easy to push beyond your resentment, your fatigue, your overwhelm to offer space, or to hold space, or to provide guidance, or teaching to others who are looking for answers or a path forward. We don’t all have to offer that space or hold that space or provide those teachings. We are under no obligation to, though some of us can. It helps when we can and when we do.
We are all standing in the same valley and we all live in that valley together even though there is a big mountain in the middle. The mountain is our anger, our pain, our fear, our shame, our guilt, our suffering. Is there room for you to hold space for those on the other side of the mountain from you? Can you see beyond the cloud-blanketed summit of your own suffering? It is ok if you can’t, but it is important to know there is a type of healing there. It is a hard won healing. It requires you to climb that mountain. It requires you to meet the elements of your suffering along the way, and meet the other person at the top where the air is thin and exhaustion is easy.
I don’t live at the top of that mountain, but I will meet you there if I can. Will you meet me?

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