New Office

Very pleased to announce that I’ve procured treatment space for my practice!  It is a gorgeous old building in Arlington surrounded by gardens, constructed around 1750, and originally housed a stagecoach business, and then an inn. The space is filled with warm light, soft wooden beams and hardwood floors, nice plants, and has a spacious feel without losing coziness. There is street parking (no meters!) right on Mass Ave, is easy to get to on a bike (down Mass Ave or the bike path), and the 77 bus drops off right in front of the building.

The best part is, this space made its way into my life via my community! A new friend of mine, Vanessa, practices holistic counseling and mediumship in the office right next door to my new space. I will gush more about Vanessa in a separate post because she deserves one. I met her through another new friend Meg, who is also gush worthy and with whom I share a kindred spirit. I met Meg through our mutual friend, Jason who is a fantastic connector and takes me to Walden Pond to go swimming regularly, something for which I am very grateful as I don’t own a car. This sort of connect the dots method of attraction is, to me, always a sign that I’m on the right path. When it’s “right”, things just fall into place and its best to just hop on board with whatever comes your way.

So excited to start seeing clients in my new space!

Lovely gardens.

Lovely gardens.

So inviting!

So inviting!

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