I am sitting here with tears welling up in my eyes, utterly humbled and floored by the generosity of my friends, family and supporters. This is me right now:

I can't believe how amazing you all are.

I can’t believe how amazing you all are.

In only 22hrs, I reached my fundraising goal to put toward my business. This means I can pay for my MA state license, a liability insurance policy through AMTA membership, marketing supplies like business cards and this website, my office rental, and materials like linens and oils for that office. I’m also hoping to take a continuing ed class so I can add some more tools to my healing toolbox.

Integrity is really important for me, and I want those who gave to know how powerful their gift is. I’m going to update this blog post every time I use the funds, detailing what they’re being used for and why. So keep an eye out here for updates.

Update 08/21/15

Today I am mailing my check for $357 to The Commonwealth of MA Division of Professional Licensure Board of Registration of Massage Therapy to renew my massage therapy license. I also joined the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and purchased liability insurance through them for $235, plus a $10 donation to the MA Chapter of the AMTA. With that I am officially in business as an LMT, and can move forward with getting marketing materials printed up that say Emily Taylor, LMT. Speaking of which, I also just ordered business cards from Moo Cards. I chose their Green product which is a 100% recycled, 100% chlorine free, 100% biodegradable, un-coated, smooth white paper. It’s FSC certified, and produced using wind-power.

Here is a total of my donation spending thusfar:

License Renewal Fee & Postage Stamp:  $357.49

AMTA Professional Membership:             $235

Donation to MA AMTA Chapter:               $10

Moo Cards:                                                 $94.74

Massage linens & hot/cold therapy packs    $171.81

Total spent:                                                 $869.04

Also, as a gesture of thanks, I want to offer everyone who gave, their exact donation in minutes of free massage. So if you gave $25, you get 25min of free massage. $100, you get 100min of free massage! I know some of you live far away, but perhaps this will be incentive for you to come visit! I will create gift certificates for each of you, so watch for an email asking for your mailing address.

~ My gratitude is beyond measure. ~

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