Practice Development Work

Modern life is isolating and hard and finding purpose and meaningful connection can be depressingly difficult. Fewer and fewer of us are seeking out traditional organized religion as a way to build those connections or find purpose, but that can leave an empty space.

Humans are hardwired for spiritual practice. We don’t have to use those wires to lead full lives, but adding practice and ritual can bring a depth to our experience of life and build connection with others. It doesn’t mean we have to live by restrictive rules, inherit guilt for our normal human behaviors, or hand over our reasoning logical minds to an invisible patriarch in the sky.

I’m offering these services as a way to help others connect with themselves, their hearts and minds, and with spirit in whatever way feels best and most comfortable.

Ritual Practice Development

Not really a “spiritual” person, but feeling like you want to build more ritual into your daily life? I’m here to offer guidance on creating daily, weekly, monthly, and annual rituals meant to help you build and deepen connection to your own self, goals for your life, to nature, to your work, or with family. I offer a grounded, non-dogmatic, practical approach to ritual building that meets your level of “woo.” This service is perfect for atheists or others who want to build ritual without dogma. We’ll meet in 2 sessions, one a discovery interview and one to share the ritual guide we created together. $50/hr

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Spiritual Practice Development

Burnt out or disillusioned by organized religion? Not finding the sort of depth of connection you’re craving with your current spiritual practice? Feeling the call toward a spiritual practice, but not sure where to start? Let me help! I’m here to guide you in developing a spiritual practice that fits into your life and your level of “woo.” These are one hour sessions. $50/hr

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Building a Home Altar

I have kept an altar in my home since I was a little kid. It’s a place for me to focus my attention and intention, a place to honor joy and grief, and a place to keep track of the wheel of the year as the seasons move and change and as I move and change along with them. My altar is very personal to me and my own spiritual practice, and I want to help you develop one for yourself and your family. $75/flat fee

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